And we’re back to regular programming! Haha! We wrapped up our letter of the week (LOTW) fittingly with the last letter of the alphabet, Z. 🙂 We finished this around early August last year. Overall, our LOTW curriculum was done in eight months or 32 weeks. There are 26 letters so ideally we should’ve been done earlier but we had our Christmas break aside from birthday breaks and other let’s-do-something-different breaks. Haha! 🙂

Books and the Bible

For our books, we only had a couple of Z books so we had our main book “Put Me in the Zoo” and read other zoo-related books like “Wild About Books,” “Sammy the Seal,” and more. 🙂 To celebrate our LOTW completion, we planned a trip to Avilon Zoo in Rizal for Timmy’s birthday. Unfortunately, the zoo was packed with field trips even in December. So we opted for the next best thing which was to go back to Manila Ocean Park! We went there when he was two years old so he barely remembers the experience. More on that later. 🙂

Zacchaeus was our Bible character for the week. We read his story and also watched the video below. 🙂 We learned that Jesus doesn’t choose anyone. He loves even the most sinful of us like the tax collectors during His time. His grace, love, and forgiveness is available to everyone! 🙂


God’s Story: Zacchaeus from Crossroads Kids’ Club on Vimeo.


For our language/writing practice, Timmy worked on his letter Z by painting using his dot-shaped foam brush. Since he already knew how to write Z, we practiced Z using art to make it more exciting! Repetition is a great way to reinforce a learned concept. 🙂

On a side note, we have this word game wherein we write as many words as we can that begin with the same letter. It’s a timed game, by the way. We set the stopwatch for a minute or two then write as fast as we can. 🙂 For some reason Timmy likes Z a lot and it’s hard to come up with Z words even for me! Haha! We end up laughing a lot every time we do it because Timmy tends to different invent Z words. 🙂



Arts and crafts

We did a zipper craft! I placed double-sided tapes on the zipper and let Timmy layout the zipper like the letter Z. Removing the tape is a great fine motor activity that’s why I like using it a lot. 😀 He also had a blast opening and closing the zipper!


We also spent the entire week finishing his alphabet artwork to celebrate our the final week of our LOTW curriculum! Timmy really did an awesome job patiently finishing his work. 🙂 So proud of him! I laminated his work and they’re waiting to be mounted on the wall. I’m still figuring out the best way to display them. 🙂



Field trip

We coincided our field trip with his birthday. 🙂 We all had a great time at Manila Ocean Park! This time around we picked certain attractions where we can spend extended periods of time instead of going through everything. Here are some of shots from our trip! 🙂















_DSC1031 (2)

Hope you enjoyed our LOTW series! If you missed the other letters you can click here to view everything! I plan to release a free ebook of LOTW activities soon so watch out for that! 🙂 Will be blogging about our next Before Five in a Row book (BFIAR), too! 🙂 We just got done with our BFIAR and now we’re moving on to our Five in a Row books. So fast!

We just enrolled Timmy in Peniel Christian Academy’s homeschool program for Kindergarten. We’ll be getting our curriculum soon, which is identical to what regular schools here are using. But since we’re homeschooling, we can do things differently. Yay! We can tailor our materials to what fits Timmy and our schedule, too. So excited to start and at the same time emotional. Waaaah! My little one is growing too fast! Got to savor every moment with him. 🙂

Thanks for reading! See you in my next blog! 🙂

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