Why You Should Be Excited About The Philippine Homeschool Convention

The much-awaited gathering of homeschoolers is here! The Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018 is happening on September 22 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura Premier in Taguig. Whether you’re a curious parent, a newbie homeschooler, a seasoned one, or somewhere in between—there is definitely something for you in this conference! Here are the top reasons why it’s a must-go for you.

1. It’s the biggest gathering of homeschoolers!

Just the sight of seeing so many homeschoolers in one place is very encouraging for us stay-at-home moms. It’s a tangible evidence of other families having the same vision as you do! It’s an experience in itself having like-minded parents beside you, learning and equipping themselves for their children. c”,) It is also God’s biggest reminder to you, dear momma, that you are not alone in this journey! We have a village rooting for you and your amazing homeschooled kids!

philippine homeschool convention

2. It’s your opportunity to hear from homeschool experts!

Nothing compares to hearing life lessons and tips from homeschool experts who have gone through the same journey you’re on right now. Learning from them will give you the encouragement and boost of confidence that you need. Hearing their success stories will also give you a picture of the many opportunities that await your homeschooled kids as well. c”,)

Philippine Homeschool Convention

It’s not every day that you get to listen to international speakers who come all the way to the Philippines to share their homeschool expertise and experience. The Educating For Life team is doing us a big favor by bringing them all here! The keynote speakers from the past homeschool conferences have been extremely helpful in our personal homeschool journey. And I know that their valuable insights will help you, too!. c”,)

Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018

This year, we are also privileged to have so many local speakers who will share their homeschool experience within the Philippine setting! We have a couple of dads and homeschooled kids as plenary speakers! Our experts will tackle different topics including beginning homeschooling, different routes of homeschooling, transitioning to homeschooli0ng, life after homeschooling, special needs homeschooling, and more!

Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018

3. It’s your chance to meet and bond with fellow homeschoolers!

If you’re like me, I’m pretty sure that you have a lot of homeschool Facebook friends that you haven’t met. Haha! This is a good time to meet up with them, have lunch together, or even hang out with them after the convention. c”,) I have an assignment for you. After reading this, PM your Facebook homeschool momma friend and arrange for a meetup!

Philippine Homeschool Convention 2018

4. It’s the venue for good deals on homeschool materials!

Homeschoolers are always on the lookout for good deals in curriculum and educational materials. The expo is the place where you can get them at discounted prices! You will find a combination of new items, curriculum staples, art materials, educational toys, pre-loved books, and more. Last year, I got a beautiful globe (that lights up) at a very good price. All the globes I had seen in retail shops were way over my budget so I had been holding off buying one. Then I saw one at the expo at 20% off, which amounted to half the cost of what I usually see in the malls! Yay! The previous year, I got these interactive 4D cards. The year before that, I bought some paints and books for our read-alouds. So make sure that you allot some time for the expo!

Philippine Homeschool Conference 2017

5. It’s your only shot to see all the major homeschool providers in one place!

One of the biggest decisions new homeschoolers make is choosing a homeschool provider. The convention is the only time you will see them all together! Each provider has a booth where you can inquire about their services, fees, and requirements. Below, you will see me and Ms. Au Villegas, the President and School Principal of our homeschool provider, Peniel Integrated Christian Academy of Rizal (PICAR). We’ve been with them for three years now! They both have a regular school and a homeschool arm. To be honest, we haven’t been to their campus because most of our coordination is done via email or through meet-ups with Teacher Au when she goes to the south to meet with her beloved Peniel south metro homeschoolers. c”,) We’re very happy with Peniel! Make sure you drop by their booth, too! (Note: This is not a paid advertisement just a very satisfied homeschool momma!)

Philippine homeschool conference 2017

This is our fourth year attending the Philippine Homeschool Convention and we’re just as excited as the first time we attended! I look forward to seeing you there! Please don’t hesitate to approach me and say hi. I don’t bite. Haha! I’m very approachable. c”,) See you on September 22! If you want to have more ideas on what to expect at the convention, check out my posts on the previous conferences below!

You can still avail of the early bird rate! Click here to register for the Philippine Homeschool Convention!

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