Valentine-themed Homeschool Activities

Since Valentine’s Day happened on a weekday, we decided to celebrate it at home. 🙂 You see, my husband and I both work from home and we thought it would be wise to just chill and not join the traffic mayhem. But that didn’t mean it that the day went by as usual. My sweet boys made sure that not only was my love tank filled but also overflowed! 🙂

For our homeschool, we decided to skip our usual lessons and do some love-themed activities! I downloaded these worksheets from We did some language arts activities. One of them was aligned to our current lesson on nouns and adjectives. 🙂

It was Timmy’s first time to express himself in an essay! I just wanted to see what he would write. 🙂 Well, it turned out to be funny and sweet! Haha! We haven’t started any sentence construction lessons so this is just an exercise to help me gauge his capabilities. 🙂 After that, he also showed some love to daddy in his next activity!

His dad was encouraged to go on a diet after Timmy emphasized big and huge on his list. Haha! He loves the word famished so we were not entirely sure if he thought his daddy was always hungry or he just wrote it because he likes using it. Haha! Timmy also deciphered a secret Valentine message! He was really excited to do this and he felt accomplished when he cracked it (with arms raised pa when he was done!). 🙂 It gave me an idea to do this activity for our other lessons!

Of course, we had to do some Valentine arts and crafts! Timmy did a tree craft with hearts (recycled from their earlier surprise). On top, he wrote “Our love grows” and then he painted a tree and glued heart leaves. 🙂 Pinching glue bottles is good fine motor practice!

Timmy also painted his interpretation of our verse of the day from 1 John 4:19 which says, “We love because He first loved us.” 🙂 It was so heartwarming to hear him pray, “Thank You, Lord, for your love. Happy Valentine’s Day, Lord. I love you.” 🙂

We also read our books about love. Some of the books affirmed our love our little boy such as Guess How Much I Love You, I Love You Because You’re You, and I Love You Forever. Other books teach about love in action such as the Berenstain Bears Hug and Makeup and Babo Bear Learns About Love. 🙂

Our number-lovin’ boy also did some love-themed math activities. 🙂 He was fascinated with the many hearts he saw on his worksheets. I was, too! To be honest, I secretly enjoyed printing all of these! Haha! 🙂

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? 🙂 Share with us your Valentine-themed homeschool activities. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂 Keep spreading the love every day!

P.S. I found a quick and fast way to post blogs through the WordPress app! I can now post on-the-go! 🙂

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