When we did our V week, I told myself that it was the perfect time to ride on the veggie hype with my little man. Haha! I admit I’m not that conscious in adding vegetables daily to our meal. We do eat them but it’s not a meal staple. So I thought this was my chance! However, I decided to approach it subtly. We didn’t go V is for vegetables all the way so as not to overwhelm my 4-year-old that he would get lots of greens that week. Heehee! Sneaky mommy. 🙂

Timmy eats veggies but when he sees that there’s too much on his plate, he sifts through the rice and picks the meat or chicken more. Anyway, we went through our usual activities but during meal time we had more veggies than usual. I would get all excited and OA (overacting) saying, “It’s veggies! And veggies begin with?” Timmy would answer, “V! Our letter of the week!” He even added, “Veggies will make me feel strong!” (with matching muscle man pose. Haha!)

It was a win-win week for us! But that’s just one of the highlights of our V week. 🙂 Here’s how the rest of our week went:

Books and the Bible

We took time learning about what Jesus meant when He said, “I am the VINE and you are the branches.” That was basically our topic for the entire week. We read one book, “Humble Heart: A Book of VIRTUES” and spent that week learning different virtues. 🙂 Timmy’s memory verse was John 15:5 and he made a nice lettering of the first part of the verse, too! We also watched the cute video below, which Timmy loved. 🙂



We did a sticker activity using vegetable stickers, traced V using his giant flash cards, and wrote words that start with V! Each activity took around 5 to 15 minutes tops. 🙂





For math we did counting activities. 🙂 For the first one, I cut out foam vases and asked Timmy to count the flowers in each vase. He even took the initiative of writing the number on the vase! Too cute! 🙂 For the second one, he counted the sticker veggies in the box. 🙂




We used folded straws bundled together and dipped it in paint. Since we were discussing vines and vegetables that week, we also explored different plants and trees. The great thing about homeschooling is that you’re not confined with one topic per session. You can connect related subjects while you’re at it! Thus, we ended up doing this tree painting activity using straws! Timmy did a fall tree and a spring tree! 🙂



WP_20150819_13_28_47_ProThat’s a wrap for our V week! Watch out for our eXciting X week! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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