Thrilled to be Thirty!

I guess I’m the only person thrilled to be thirty. 🙂 Most women dread this age because it means having your age slowly deleted in the Roman calendar and your biological clock setting off annoying alarms. In fact, by the time one reaches 29 you’re already disqualified from the February race! Haha! But there’s so much more to being thirty than aging. It’s a new season of life that opens countless opportunities if you plunge into it completely. 🙂

I remember counting the days to my third-decade milestone. Only by God’s grace can I say that my 30 years was filled with the best things this life can offer. I indulged in the playfulness of being a child, savoured every crazy moment of being a teen, revelled in the freedom of being in my twenties, and now I’m embracing this new season of being in my thirties. I’m 30 and I love it!

In my 30 years of existence, 17 years of which revolved around my relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ—our journey together has been exciting, unpredictable but fun, and literally life-changing. He has been the best Lover of my soul. I have to admit, I’m not the most faithful lover to Him. My heart has been distracted so many times by things, people, and futile activities. I knew there were times when I made Him cry. 🙁 But He still forgives me nonetheless whenever I apologize. (Hey, it rhymes! Haha!) My Jesus loves me for who I am not for what I do. He won me out of love and not out of fear. He created me and knit me in my mother’s womb. He took care of my every need most specially my need to be reconciled with Him. He gave me His life, I believed and trusted in His sacrifice on that old rugged cross, and my life has never been the same after that. I have learned that good people don’t go to heaven, FORGIVEN people do. I’m one of those forgiven people, experiencing my Savior’s love, mercy, and grace every single day of my life.

In those 30 years, 13 years of which have been with my wolf (Lupus is the Latin word for wolf). There were several periods of remission and relapses but each and every time it happens my faithful Savior extends His healing hand upon me. Adjusting my lifestyle, getting my laboratory tests done regularly, going to check-ups, and experiencing odd body changes like getting bloated and hairy are all part of living with my wolf. But it’s not all that bad. Having the wolf is like having a thorn in the flesh. It makes me completely dependent on my God. It made me and my family closer and stronger as we weather each attack together. It also made me appreciate aging all the more because not everyone gets to spend another day more so another year. As years passed, our co-existence has been mutually beneficial. As I try to tame the wolf, the wolf tames me, too. It made me aim for a healthy lifestyle not only for me but also for my loved ones.

In those 30 years, I’ve met the greatest friends, worked with the best people, and treasured valuable moments with my family. My parents who have been with me over the past three decades have been nothing but sacrificial and selfless. They’re a crazy bunch, too! A year ago, I got married to the best and most loving husband that God ever created. 🙂 Of course, I’m biased but that’s how I view him. In fact, I think my description is an understatement. 🙂 We’ve been together as a couple for two years now and married for more than a year. Every single day I spend with him is a sweet blessing. To cap off my terrific thirty, my baby Timothy was born 9 months ago. You see, I never thought I’d be able to have a child. God in His infinite goodness and grace allowed me to get pregnant sooner than we expected (Timmy is a honeymoon baby!) and He tamed the wolf during my entire pregnancy. Our baby may have been born prematurely but he is a testament to the greatness of God. He is just as normal as other babies now and he brings us so much joy every day.

So, for whatever my 30-ish year has in store for me, all I can say is, “BRING IT ON!” 🙂

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  • perkyperps
    Posted at 03:35h, 06 September Reply

    You haven’t aged a bit. You even didn’t gain weight after you got preggie! Envious. Happy 30 for you!

    • Ivy San Diego-Guerrero
      Posted at 13:26h, 06 September Reply

      Awww…thanks, Perps! 🙂 such a big compliment from a fashionista friend! 🙂

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