This is for you, Moms!

This is for you, moms.

The one who wakes up repeatedly in the middle of the night to feed a wailing newborn and still manages to put the brightest smile amidst those tired eyes.

The one who works outside of the home and work from home, juggling her career and family without losing her sanity.

The one who gave up her career to be a “home manager” the same way my mom did.

The one who would vigil for days when her child is sick.

The one who cried with you when you experienced failure or when your heart got broken the first time.

The one who wakes up early in the morning to prepare your family’s breakfast and everything you need first even if it meant preparing for herself last.

The one who encouraged you when you felt nobody believed in you.

The one who would drop anything the moment you ask for help.

The one who laughs at your silliest jokes and looks at your work as masterpiece even if you know that it’s far from it.

The one who watched your first steps and heard your first words with glee while holding back tears upon realizing how much you’ve grown.

The one who prepares your favorite food every time you come over.

The one who taught you the first dish you ever cooked.

The one who never forgets your favorite part of the chicken and reserves it for you.

The one who would stay up with you during thesis or exam week.

The one who would say the truth in your face because you needed to hear it.

The one who gave up buying a new bag so you can buy yours.

The one who always knew what shirt you wore yesterday and where you placed your lost charger.

The one who would wait for you to come home no matter how late that may be.

The one who sets curfews and limits because she loves you.

The one who would gladly extend her nurturing role by being the best grandma.

The one who cheers for you the loudest and prays for you the hardest.

The one who’s always ready to forgive no matter how many times you’ve hurt her.

The one who loves with no limits and sacrifices without questions.

The one who gives so much but never asks for anything in return.

That’s you, moms.

And for that, I applaud you.

Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂

Special shout out to my own mom who showed me that love can be seen, felt, and experienced. You’ve always walked the talk. I love you, Ma! 🙂


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