Super-sized Letters of the Week Activities!

As promised, I’ll be sharing more letter of the week activities! So today I’ll be featuring three letters (S, F, and G)! 🙂 For the record, we don’t always get to do our LW stuff weekly because sometimes there are a lot of things going on in our schedule. But that’s what we love about homeschooling; when life happens you can adjust, use the situation as a teachable moment for your child, and go back to learning through play as the dust settles. 🙂

Here are the fun things we did with letters S, F, and G. 🙂

S is for STAR


We read Sandra Boynton books! 🙂 We really love her! Watch out for my author review on her and other children’s books soon! We also read other go-to faves such as “Mr. Strong” (we’re crazy about Mr. Men books!) and “Sam and the Firefly.” 🙂 For our Bible character, we had Samson and we learned about how we should be responsible with the gifts and strengths God has given us. 🙂


Arts and Crafts

We made star and snail crafts! I spelled star and asked Timmy to fill it up with star stickers. 🙂 For the next one, I just drew a snail and asked him to fill it with different kinds of S letters. S is for stickers so that was the medium we used for arts and crafts! Lately, Timmy is the one benefiting from my scrapbook stuff (those begin with S, too! Haha!). 🙂




Timmy had a grouping exercise. I asked him to encircle the stars that are in groups of three. We did this for counting purposes and pattern recognition. 🙂 I just tried if he would get the idea and he did! 🙂



We had his usual fill-in-the-letters exercise. If you’ll notice, he writes S like a thunder. Timmy was having difficulty writing S so I told him it’s like a zigzag going down or a thunder! It worked! And now after much practice, his S is as curvy as a normal S should be. 🙂 Sometimes we just need to let them start the easy way and when they get their confidence, we teach them how to improve their writing. 🙂 We also had a letter finding game! I asked him to color all the letter S he could find. Timmy really enjoyed this one. 🙂



F is for FISH

F was another FUN week for us. 🙂 We also had a FIELD trip that weekend which basically involved a lot of playing for my little man. 🙂 So here’s how it went:


Our Bible story for the week was “Jesus feeds the 5,000” (with FIVE loaves of bread and two FISH). 🙂 We also read some classic Dr. Seuss books that Timmy loves namely “The Foot Book” and “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.” That “Fishing” book right there was Timmy’s new found favorite that time. 🙂



We made flower and fish crafts. For the flower, I simply cut the flower garden setting and let Timmy do the rest. I used foam and colored paper. 🙂 We’re not yet into cutting and I don’t want to pressure him to learn because he has been frustrated in the few times he tried it. We’ll get there soon enough. 🙂 For the fish craft, we used this mosaic art box I bought some time ago and asked Timmy to decorate the fish I drew. Those tiny foam sticker squares are pretty challenging to use which was great for his fine motor practice! 🙂 He took care of drawing the ocean, bubbles, and seaweeds. 🙂




Although this doesn’t start with anything F, I just opted for a pattern game to see if Timmy would get the concept. Much to my surprise, he did! 🙂 It has become one of our go-to math activities since then. 🙂



F is for FINGER PAINT! Timmy loves finger painting and he likes the feel of the paint on his hands. 🙂 It keeps him preoccupied for a long time, too. Good thing I blogged about this because I just remembered that we need to replenish our finger paint stocks! 🙂


Field Trip

We went to Active Fun in SM Megamall that weekend! Hubby attended a comic book convention that day while Timmy and I spent hours (we got the unlimited pass) playing at Active Fun! While my little trooper had unlimited energy, I didn’t. Haha! I was so tired that day but it was the good kind of tired. I’d gladly do it again. 🙂


G is for GREEN

This particular week is one of my personal favorites because we got to explore God’s love. The highlight of our memory verse was GOD IS LOVE and it was a wonderful opportunity to share with Timmy how God showed his love for us by sending Jesus to save us from our sins. We also learned about God’s love through his creation and more! 🙂


We read different Bible stories and watched videos showing God’s love. 🙂 We also got our dose of Mr. and Mrs. Green books, which I highly recommend! Timmy likes it a lot! We read the real “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” and Mo Willems’ parody “Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs.” Haha!


Arts and Crafts

We did a Giraffe craft made of foam shapes! We really loved the outcome! 🙂 Of course, putting GOOGLY eyes was a must for Timmy. 🙂 We also made a GOLD city with gold roads and houses/mansions as we talked about heaven that week. 🙂 I cut pieces of gold foil, placed double-sided tape, and Timmy did the rest. 🙂 Removing the double-sided tape was a good fine motor practice for him!




Instead of simply asking Timmy to write letter G, I told him to DRAW it in different colors! This encouraged him to practice writing G repeatedly. Yay! 🙂 We also did his usual complete-the-word writing game. 🙂




For math, we used GREEN popsicle sticks and green plastic cups. For some reason we have them at home! 🙂 I placed his wooden numbers inside and asked him to place the correct number of sticks inside the cups. 🙂 Timmy loved this activity! It also helped him count slowly and carefully. 🙂



Timmy later on thought that it would be a good idea to form letters using the GREEN popsicle sticks! He even formed my name (awwww)! It’s amazing how kids can come up with their own activities based on simple household items. 🙂


Hope you enjoyed going through our letter of the week activities! Feel free to share some ideas, too. 🙂 Next time I’ll share with you our activities for letters U, R, and more! 🙂

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