Saying goodbye to transition year

It’s amazing how so many transitions can happen in one year. From family to health and even career, 2013 was ironically full of new beginnings. It was a year of adjusting to changes that God has been doing in our lives. When you have a sovereign God who always knows what He’s doing and a supportive husband by your side, I discovered that change is not something to be feared.

The year of no “yaya” (household help). It was the first full year that we didn’t have any help at home and thankfully, it wasn’t so bad! Despite being a terrible two, Timmy was pretty much manageable. With our chores split up between my husband and I, we were able to maintain our apartment well. God has blessed Timmy with wonderful grandparents who are always willing to take care of our baby when we needed to go out for work (around 2-3 times a week). We still don’t have a yaya up to now and it’s been great so far. Sure there were days when my energy gets completely depleted but it didn’t happen often as I expected. I believe that it’s God’s grace right there giving us the strength that we need every day. 🙂

Holidays with family :)

Career movement. I’ve blogged about this previously but since it’s one of the highlights of our year, it’s worth mentioning again. J God has moved me out of my comfort zone (i.e. the book industry) and allowed me to take on my dream job to be a stay-at-home mom. Over the past years God had been giving me a lot of writing opportunities that honed my skills, preparing me for my present copywriting job.  I couldn’t imagine God being so in tune with my heart’s desires. I know I’ve failed Him so many times but in the end His grace always finds me and blesses me in ways I could never imagine. Meanwhile, my husband got a job writing devotionals for an android Bible app, which fits him to a T. I was blessed to see how God gave him a very specific job that fits his skills and passions!

Health scare. From Lupus we transitioned to Ischemia, a heart condition wherein my heart is not getting enough oxygen. We had one stressful week of waiting until finally the results came out and revealed that my condition can be managed with maintenance medicines. I know I’m still young to have heart medicines to be taken twice a day (4 tablets daily) but that doesn’t diminish God’s ability to heal me. I know someday my Lupus and Ischemia meds will soon be taken out of my body. For now, I just need to be a diligent patient and a faithful steward of the good health God has given me.

Blessed to be healthy :)

Nest moving. With the change in my career came the change of residence. We had to move to my in-laws temporarily while we make adjustments in our finances. We took care of their house while they were away in Canada for four months. We are still living with them and Omar and I are learning that this season of life has a specific purpose. It was crazy moving our stuff and selling them because my in-laws have a fully furnished house so that meant some of our stuff had to go because you cannot possibly have two dining sets and a different couch that will disrupt the current design of their house. From the time they arrived last October to spending holidays with them, God showed us how extremely blessed we are to be here.

Extremely grateful :)

I know that 2014 will even be a better year for us. We welcomed the New Year together peacefully, watching fireworks and snuggling side by side. We look forward to moving to a new apartment, too. Although that means transitioning to a new location again, God has already given us enough experience to help us go through it once more. 🙂 I look forward to having a deeper relationship with God, a stronger marriage with my husband, and a crazier year with our little toddler. I know that the same God who increased our faith last year will be the same God who will show His goodness and faithfulness to us this year. I’m excited with what 2014 has in store for us, knowing that God already has this prepared for us in advance. It’s just a matter of seeing His plan unfold before our very eyes. 🙂

So goodbye, 2013! You were pretty unpredictable but nothing short of amazing. 🙂

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