Two weeks ago we had M as our letter of the week. 🙂 I was supposed to blog about this last week but I was so caught up preparing for my little boy’s birthday! 🙂 Now we’re back to our normal weekly schedule and I’m back to blogging. Yay! We missed an entire week without any letter because we had to attend a family wedding, which coincided with Timmy’s birthday, and prepare for our son’s big day (post-birthday celebration).

This is when I appreciate homeschooling the most because we can truly enjoy our get-togethers without worrying about school work the next day. We even had a week of no formal school activity simply because we wanted our son to enjoy his birthday! It’s such a blessing to have the freedom and flexibility that homeschool provides. 🙂



Bible Character

We learned about Moses and how God used him to deliver his people. 🙂 We also watched a video about Moses. Timmy memorized his verse for the week, too. 🙂


Books and Reading

We read books with words that start with M. 🙂 He really loves “Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?” because of the many sounds you can make and “Mole in the Hole” because of its pictures-over-text format. Like instead of seeing the word frog, there’s a picture of a frog instead. 🙂



M is a pretty challenging letter to write. There are basically four strokes you need to make. Two straight vertical lines and two slanted lines. I first gave Timmy a sticker activity to give him visuals of M then asked him to connect the M stickers.


I also gave him some M words and let him practice writing M in the beginning of the word. He really likes doing this “missing letter” activity because he wants to read the words after. 🙂


We also designed a big M using marshmallows. 🙂 Timmy couldn’t resist eating them while doing the activity! Hahaha! Too cute! 🙂 At least he finished designing the M; it took a while, though. 😀



Since we’re already at it, I used the marshmallows to have some basic counting and addition exercises. 🙂 I asked him to add the marshmallows by transferring them to one container then counting it. 🙂



We created the basic phases of the moon (i.e. full moon, half moon, and crescent moon). I didn’t go into the waning crescent and the other complex phases. Since these three are the ones he often sees at night that’s what we explored first. 🙂 When he’s old enough to understand, I’ll use the Oreo method. 🙂



We made a mouse artwork from a big M outline using construction paper and some leather swatches that I use for scrapbooking. 🙂


We also made some MARBLE ART! I’m actually more excited about this one! We used daddy’s shaving cream, poster paint and a white cardboard. Since Christmas is almost near, I decided to put the marble paint on a star. Simply mix the shaving cream and poster color then put the paper on top for 10-15 minutes. Once it’s dry, remove the shaving cream and you’ll see the marble effect absorbed by the paper! 🙂 We’ll most likely do this again! 🙂



We learned some opposite words in Filipino that start with M and basically used them in our conversations at home. 🙂 I made an attractive visual to encourage him to read and practice the words repeatedly. 🙂



Timmy wrote his name for the first time! He’s been practicing TIM ever since we started our letter of the week. 🙂 It’s far from perfect but it’s the product of his hard work. 🙂 I’m so proud of you, sweetheart! He’s already good at writing Tim but Timmy needs more practice and Timothy Josef is an entirely new level. 🙂 We’ll get there for sure. In the meantime, I want him to enjoy writing his name, doodling, and drawing. 🙂  As his teacher momma, I try to keep in mind that learning should be enjoyable and not stressful. I can see in his body language if he’s just forced to do things. It reflects in his output and he’s not happy with it, too. This helps me in pacing our activities and the things he needs to learn daily and repeatedly. 🙂


We’re doing O this week and I’m so glad that we have a normal week before the Christmas and New Year festivities kick in. 🙂 Till next week, mommies! 🙂

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