It’s the SUPERHERO year (part 2)

Superhero movies are on a roll this year. In fact, it’s Captain America week! I guess one can’t get enough of the childhood fantasy that opens up every time you watch a film like that. I remember liking Storm from X-men so much that I even daydreamed of what weather catastrophe I can unleash to defeat the imaginary bad guys in my head. Haha! 🙂 Anyway, I didn’t read any review about Captain America so please don’t spoil it for me. Actually, I don’t read reviews AT ALL before I watch a film. I want to appreciate/criticize the movie first hand. That being said, I want to give a run through about what I think about the other superhero movies I watched this year.

Let me start with Thor. Before watching the film, I had no clue about Thor’s story. My hubby was nice enough to spare me the details. When I asked him what the story of Thor is all about, he just said that it was about the Norse gods. Thus, with the element of surprise on my side, I was immediately captured upon seeing the grandeur of Asgard, the Norse gods’ counterpart of the Greeks’ famous Mt. Olympus. Chris Hemsworth perfectly suited the role. His thunderous voice and his overall look were tailor fit for the character. Not to mention he’s way too good looking—very god-like, I must say. 🙂 His arrogance was so effective that he was close to annoying. His humor was so funny that I even laugh up to now when I think of his punch lines. I really love his dead serious statement, “I need a horse!” Haha! 🙂 Another noteworthy character in the film was Thor’s brother, Loki, played by the amazing actor Tom Hiddleston. He was convincingly cunning and deceptive. I actually had those moments when I was not so sure whether he was telling the truth or not. Anthony Hopkins was in full regalia, literally and figuratively. He was a king in character and in craft. Finding yourself fearing and revering the old guy in the big screen says a lot about the actor’s exceptional portrayal of his role. Overall, the film was fast-paced without missing out on the character development of Thor. It was more than entertaining; it was at every level very engaging. If I can summarize my critique in one word, I would have to say that Thor was BELIEVABLE. It was authentic. In fact, it was so good I think it actually deserves a sequel. 🙂

Next stop, X-Men First Class. This movie is what you would expect X-Men movies to be—GREAT. But I have to admit, I like the trilogy more than this one. The trilogy was more intense and action-packed. I like the more mature characters, I suppose. Professor X is just made for Patrick Stewart. Just like Magneto is perfectly suited for Ian McKellen. Still, their younger versions in X-Men First Class, were brilliant actors.

I like this movie for two main reasons—first, simply because I love “origin” movies (those who-they-were-before-they-became-great type of films) and second, because it’s cast ensemble was unique and diverse. Each of them was given enough exposure to show their character’s budding greatness. James McAvoy portrayed the young Professor X with a twist, displaying quick wit and candor, which gave more life to his character. Professor X became more interesting and aggressive with his execution. Michael Fassbender exhibited more angst and attitude as the young Magneto, which created a more solid foundation to the way his character developed in the X-Men trilogy. Jennifer Lawrence provided the innocence and the tension needed in Mystique’s character. The mutant identity crisis that they all face was best portrayed by the young Mystique. She showed vulnerability yet exhibited boldness when called for. I must say that it is a tall order for the movie to exceed the expectations of the people who watched the box-office X-Men trilogy. However, instead of exceeding, X-Men First Class rose up to the challenge and matched the quality and depth of the previous X-Men movies. I cannot say that it was better but I have to admit, it was equally great. 🙂

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