We had so much fun having E as our letter of the week! We did some pretty awesome artwork and read our favorite stories! 🙂 I think this was one of Timmy’s most productive weeks. There are weeks when we don’t really do much per letter because I want to devote more time to other activities. He also loved our Bible character and was inspired by her bravery. 🙂 Here’s how our week went:


It’s Elephant and Piggie week for us! 🙂 We’re huge fans of Mo Willems and we were so thrilled to have his books highlighted that week! We also have his other storybooks and one of them is “Edwina: The Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know She Was Extinct,” which also made it to our reading list. 🙂


Bible Character

We read about Queen Esther. 🙂 I found three videos that told Esther’s story in different ways. 🙂 Our memory verse was in one of those videos although I couldn’t remember which one. Haha!


Timmy painted some eggs! 🙂 I hardboiled three eggs and let Timmy paint on them. 🙂 Some of those eggs were not fully hardboiled and it was intentional because I want Timmy to hold it with the right amount of pressure while painting. I told him not to drop it otherwise it will crack. It’s also my way of letting him practice his fine motor skills. 🙂 He really loved this activity!



We once again practiced writing E while doing his favorite activity. We’re currently working on his small e. It’s amazing how one’s handwriting evolves through time. 🙂 In a span of weeks, I already saw the difference in the way he writes. What we would do is revisit the old letters we’ve done throughout the week by doing random exercises. From there I would see which letters we need to work on more. 🙂



In keeping with our Elephant and Piggie books, we made an elephant craft! Timmy loved it especially the long trunk. 🙂 I got this idea from Pinterest, the ultimate source for homeschool inspiration. 🙂 Timmy makes good elephant sound, too! Haha!



We did a puzzle/pattern matching exercise. I thought of veering away from numerical exercises that week and explored two-piece puzzles with him. Timmy was joking most of the time so this activity took longer than usual. Haha! He would intentionally put the wrong pieces and laugh! Good thing we were still able to finish it. 🙂


Watch out for our super-sized letter of the week! I will blog about letters S and F. 🙂 Feel free to share your letter of the week ideas, too! 🙂

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