A conversation with the past and the present

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Me: Hey, guys! I’m here! 🙂

2011: Hi, Ivy! I guess this is it…

Me: Yeah, you came by too fast. I feel like I just met you and then here we are saying goodbye 🙁

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2011: Hey, don’t feel sad. The next year is usually better than the last. Right, 12?

2012: Couldn’t agree more. Hi, Ives! I’m 2012 by the way 🙂

Me: Good to finally meet you! So, 12 tell me—what are you like? 😛

2012: That’s pretty hard to explain, Ivy. Like 11, I also operate on a day-to-day basis. I guess you can say that I’m unpredictable. 🙂

2011: Yeah, call it cliché but we do take each day as it comes.

Me: Haha! =)) That’s really an understatement considering you’re called “years” 😛

2011: Tell me about it 🙂

Me: You know, 11 we had a pretty rough start…

2011: I know…It must’ve been tough not spending New Year with your son. Sorry about that. I didn’t see it coming 🙁

Me: Hey, it’s not your fault. Yes, it was tough but we made it through, right? Plus, our Christmas was extra special because our baby’s with us this time around. 🙂

2011: Well, that’s true. Now I feel a lil better. 🙂

2012: I hope you’ll have a blast this year with me, Ives!

Me: I hope so, too!

2012: But you know very well that everything that will happen this year has been written by God beforehand, right?

Me: Yup! I’m well aware of that. It’s the very thing that gives me peace actually. I’m pretty optimistic with you though. 🙂

2012: So am I, Ivy. So am I. 🙂

2011: How would you describe me, Ives?

Me: You’re faith-shaking, challenging, and full of surprises. 🙂

2011: Should I feel flattered?

Me: Haha! Of course, 11! I learned a lot from you and I’ve grown a lot in our journey together. 🙂

2011: Really? That’s nice to know :”> But what do you mean by faith-shaking?

Me: As you know, there were moments when things were really tough—when I felt that we were neck-deep in our trials. Just like other people, my faith was shaken. But God held me close—He held me tight when I was slowly losing my grip on Him. He carried me and my family when we can barely walk anymore. He took charge when things were spinning out of control. He calmed my fears and worries. 🙂

2011: I saw that, too. It’s amazing how God proved Himself faithful to you. 🙂

Me: You can say that again. 🙂 Let me just say this, 11. You were a great year. You were a great year because I experienced God in a whole new level through you. 🙂 You worked on my character. You showed me how God faithfully takes care of His children. We had more laughter than tears, more blessings than ordeals—in short, you rock, 2011. 🙂

2011: >:D<

Me: Thanks, 11. >:D<

2012: I hope you can say the same for me, Ivy 😀

Me: I’m sure you’ll be an even better year, 12! I’m pretty excited on what you have in store for me. 😀

2012: Same here! 😀

2011: Hey, guys gotta go now. It was great chatting with you two. 🙂 I’ll miss you, Ives.

Me: I’ll miss you, too, 11. Thanks again >:D< Goodbye, awesome year. 🙂

2012: Bye, 11! Don’t worry I’ll take care of our home girl here. 🙂

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2011 has signed out.

2012: So, where were we?

Me: Well, I’m still trying to picture what you’re like. 😉

2012: Ok, perhaps we can now start with what January has in store for you. 🙂

Me: I’d love that. 🙂

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