Books and authors your babies will love!

Growing up, I remember reading a lot of hardcover Ladybird books. Our mom, who was an English teacher, completed this set for me and my sister. The books became so overused that my mom would sew back the spine using yarn to make it sturdier. I still remember how our rattan bookshelf looked like.

It was my favorite furniture and I spent a lot of time in front of it. I loved looking at our books and choosing the next book I would read. I actually Googled a photo and saw one that looked exactly like it on eBay! It was labeled “vintage rattan bookshelf.” Hahaha! Well, anything from the 80’s must be vintage now. Haha!

My love for books grew over the years and it led me to love writing, too (my current career)! I ended up taking Literature in college and working in the book industry for 10 years. c”,) Who would’ve thought that our mom’s investment in that old rattan shelf would somehow influence the direction of my career and even personal life? I married a book lover, too! Haha!

Encouraging kids to read

Since my love for books was ingrained in me by my mom, I wanted to do the same with my son. Parents really have a big influence on the things their kids will be interested in. What we expose them to is what they will gravitate to. Today, I’m starting this blog series on books for children because I want to encourage fellow parents to read to their kids. The time you invest reading to them each day won’t go to waste, believe me. c”,) Just your bonding time reading together is PRECIOUS! Not to mention the healthy alternative you’re providing for gadgets!

I won’t keep you waiting anymore. Here are some of the books and authors we love! c”,)

Books for newborn babies to 1-year-old

Your baby’s vision gradually develops over time. Your little one cannot easily distinguish colors which is why it is great to give them high-contrast books like the black and white board books below. Accordion board books are also great for tummy time! c”,)

Any form of cloth books, bath books, foam books, and board books are great for babies. The different textures help them in developing their sensory perception. c”,) For Timmy, his books were also his toys. Sometimes even his teether. Haha! So make sure you keep them clean always.

Now let’s go to some authors you and your baby will enjoy reading together. c”,)

Sandra Boynton

We love Sandra Boynton! Her illustrations are cute and funny. Her rhymes are lovely to read. You can invent your own songs or chants while reading her books! She’s a rockstar author in my book. c”,) We have a song for Your Personal Penguin and Barnyard Dance! Haha! My son is 6 now so we’ve moved on from these but we still have the storybooks/songbooks of Sandra Boynton. c”,)

Margaret Wise Brown

When I was still working at a specialty bookstore, I really couldn’t understand why parents would buy this book. The illustrations are simple and so are the rhymes. But when I had a baby and learned about how babies develop their vision, I realized that Margaret Wise Brown books were perfect for babies.

Timmy was so fascinated with the striking red and blue colors along with the black and white illustrations, which come in alternate pages! It was so heartwarming to hear him say goodnight to everyone even the object around him just like in the book. c”,) I actually love Runaway Bunny more. It’s a delightful way of telling your child that wherever he goes, you will always find him. c”,)

Dr. Seuss board books

Dr. Seuss has the funniest and most creative rhymes. c”,) It is great for read-aloud time with your little one. We truly enjoyed reading them together! Timmy could entertain himself reading Dr. Seuss books. c”,) I like that Dr. Seuss’s illustrations are non-conventional because this opens the eyes of your child to use his imagination to draw animals or objects. I emphasized board books because his storybooks are for older kids ages 4 to 6. c”,)

Bill Martin Jr.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom books are great for introducing numbers and letters in a fun and colorful way. It has wonderful rhymes, too! Timmy still reads these books up to now and he even chooses it as a bedtime story! Haha! Maybe because we had a lot of memories reading them together repeatedly. c”,)

Anna Dewdney

Anna Dewdney is the author of the Llama Llama series. The two storybooks you see below show some real wear and tear because Timmy would ask me to read them 10 times a day when he was 3 years old. No kidding! Haha! She also has a range of board books with colorful illustrations and lovely rhymes. c”,)

These are just some of the books and authors that you might want to start exposing your babies to. Watch out for the part 2 of this book series where I will feature my recommendations for toddlers! c”,) You can also check the article I wrote for The Learning Basket!


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