Book Resolutions

Reading is a very flexible hobby. It doesn’t involve rigid training that sports requires or the regular practice that the arts demand. Reading is more self-indulgent. You can overdo it without experiencing alarming repercussions. You can procrastinate while mulling over the last book you’ve read. You can start with multiple books, finish which ones you like, stop midway when you get bored or settle for browsing if you’re merely killing time.

I have literally so many books that I want to read. In my mind, I classify them as:

  • Urgent
  • Can wait but must read
  • Interesting but can wait until curiosity compels
  • Worth repeating
  • For classics’ sake
  • Must finish but still lazy to do so
  • For regular reading (genre-focused)
  • Trending thus must know why

So, I decided to come up with my book resolutions, hoping that by doing so I’ll get to catch up on my reading. Here they are:

  • Finish at least one of the books under the above classifications
  • Blog about it (both the recently read and the good old ones for “personal memory gap” purposes)
  • Allot a specific time for reading
  • Just read

I’ve also decided to place all my reviews in one blog! Yay! It’s at 🙂 Please add my other site to your blogroll, too! What you will see there for now are just the ones I reviewed here (I just moved them). All the forthcoming reviews will be posted there. Next in line for my review are “Before Ever After”, “Game of Thrones”, “Everybody’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them”, and “The Rising”. Watch out for that! 🙂

It just dawned on me that the current bed weather is perfect for book lounging. 🙂 On that note, I bid you goodbye as I give in to the pull of the pages and the plot that thickens. 🙂 Ciao!


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