Benefits of Reading Aloud: World Read Aloud Day 2016!

Reading aloud is one of the things my preschooler and I love doing together. c”,) We read in the morning after breakfast (it’s our first homeschool activity), before we nap in the afternoon, and before we go to bed at night (usually under the blanket with a flashlight! c”,) ). We bring books when we go out because a good story can brighten our son’s mood, distract him from going elsewhere, and pacify him! Growing up, his first toys were books and we also created a regular story time even before he turned one. My husband and I both love books so we were both intentional in raising a reader. c”,)

Ready to support daddy! :)

Our little Spidey with a bunch of books in tow! c”,)

Even if Timmy already knows how to read, I still read aloud to him. I plan to continue doing so even if he gets older and reads chapter books. I’ve read that there are still benefits to reading aloud even to older children. One of them is helping your child process complex situations as they empathize with characters. Since today is World Read Aloud Day, let me share with you some of the benefits of reading aloud to your kids!



Reading together is a great bonding between parent and child. For us, our reading time is a sacred time because our phones are not around and we’re just giving our full attention to our son and the story we’re reading. If only I can capture on video the giggles we have every time Timmy and I would read together! Whether we’re reading lengthy storybooks or fun rhyming books, the novelty of reading aloud never gets old. c”,) Experts suggest that we read to our child 20 minutes a day. If I may suggest, feel free to extend! c”,)


Increases attention span

When you read to your child it actually forces them to sit still and listen for a long time! Timmy is a very active boy who would run around as soon as he sees an open space. But when it’s story time, he’s able to sit and listen for an extended period of time! My husband would even tell us sometimes to start early so we wouldn’t end up sleeping late because of the many books we read before going to bed. Haha! Sometimes what I would do is read to Timmy downstairs since his book shelves are there (he also has a big book bag at the foot of our bed for easy access) so we could just sleep when we go up. c”,)


Widens your child’s vocabulary

Reading aloud exposes your child to words that people don’t normally use in day-to-day conversations. It allows them to ask questions about the meaning of certain words, phrases, or idioms. Timmy would do this often especially when we’re reading a new book. Having a wide vocabulary can help your child express himself better as he is able to use specific words that accurately describes how he feels. c”,) For parents, it gives us the opportunity to explain both positive and negative words to our child. I remember there was a time when we encountered the word stupid in one of his storybooks. The character was upset and called the other character stupid. I was able to explain to Timmy what it means and why we shouldn’t use that word.


Encourages critical thinking and creativity

Reading aloud (actually reading in general) encourages your child to ask questions about the story. It allows them to analyze and helps them comprehend concepts better. It’s a great way to get them started in critical thinking! Timmy is able to get ideas from books and comes up with his own stories! c”,) Exposing your kids to books of different genres sparks their creativity and fuels their imagination!


Hope you enjoy reading aloud to your little one not only today but every day! c”,) Build memories and share beautiful stories together!

Happy World Read Aloud Day! c”,)

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