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Music affects us on different levels. From our mood to decision making, music is processed in different areas in our brain. This is the reason why when we listen to a certain song we can tap our foot or dance, we can recall an event related to that music, we can understand the emotions conveyed in the song, and we can even memorize the lyrics! Businesses are now actively integrating music in their stores through “Instore Radios.” Instore radio is a marketing tool that involves the use of music to promote brand awareness and enhance customer experience. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using instore radio.


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Add-free music. Compared to local radios, instore radios have no unnecessary commercials. Some radio stations have advertisements that do not match your brand image and target market. They may have good music and great DJs but their annoying commercials could be the deal breakers for your customers. Instore radios have no advertisements unless intentionally placed by the company.

Controlled content. This is probably the best thing about instore radio. You can choose the songs you want to play and brand-related commercials you want your customers to hear. Some local radios have themes for certain days of the week. So if you’re stuck on the day when they play 60’s songs, you have no choice but to play it or turn the radio off. Whereas with instore radio you can tailor fit your music to your target market and brand image.

Increased brand awareness. The music you play reflects the kind of store you are. With instore radio, you can have a playlist that matches your brand identity and store ambience. For example, if you’re a high-end retail store you can go for something jazz and instrumental. If you’re a retailer for teen clothes, pop music would be consistent to your brand. The things you promote in your instore radio also increase your brand awareness from your promos, events to other marketing efforts.

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Strengthens customer loyalty. Customer loyalty is achieved when a customer is consistently satisfied with your products, service, and overall experience. Instore radio can make shopping enjoyable for your customers. It can brighten their mood and move them to buy more. When you’re able to create an ambience that makes your customer feel good about being in your store, you can be assured that they will come back again and again.

Improves customer experience. When customers walk into your store, they need to be engaged at every level. From the products they see, to the fragrance they smell, and even the music they hear. All these things make for excellent customer experience. Music enhances that all the more. You can make customers relaxed with the songs you play, you can make them groove to upbeat music, or simply smile with the catchy tunes in your instore radio. This enriched customer experience will influence them to stay longer and ultimately, purchase from your store.

Instore radio is best utilized when done right. You need a team who can help you come up with radio content that is consistent with your marketing direction and brand image. Give your customers what they need to know when they’re in your stores. Try incorporating instore radio and see how it impacts your business.

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