An Open Letter to My Spirited Seven-Year-Old

Dear Timmy,

Before I started writing this letter, I made a quick research on why being seven years old is a big deal. Honestly, I have no idea why but here’s what I found. Some say that the age of seven is a milestone for independence as kids transition from preschool to grade school.

Others say that during the early years of the Spanish era in the Philippines, children were considered fortunate if they lived past seven. Whether these reasons are true or not, I am just thankful to the Lord that you are a healthy seven-year-old boy and we were able to celebrate your birthday together! c”,)

So, how did you spend your sixth year going on seventh? Well, with lots of energy! Haha! Your birthday falls on the busiest time of the year, which is December. You always kickoff your birth month with something special with us—your mom and dad—and wrap it up with Christmas parties with your family and friends. You had a lot of firsts this 2017 and many memorable moments. I’ll tell you everything about it here. c”,)

You experienced moving to a new place. 

This was not the first time we moved, Timmy, but it was the first time you were actively involved in packing, unpacking, and cleaning. c”,) I took pictures of you in action and a selfie of our first meal in our new place (complete with a messy background) because I want to remember these simple but precious moments. We were really happy being sweaty and dirty. Haha! You also looked forward to having people over. You would ask us almost every day who was coming and who would come next after our guests leave. You’re becoming more sociable each year, Timmy!


You explored cursive writing this year.

You surprised me when you first showed your cursive writing attempts! c”,) I didn’t realize you were trying to learn this skill on your own. You didn’t want my help (even up to now). Sometimes you would ask me to write in cursive so you could see how I did it. As expected, tracing was out of the picture. Haha! I’m not sure how long you’d want to keep this independent-cursive-writing up but as long as you love doing it, then I’ll happily get out of your way. c”,)


You are as funny as ever.

You’re quick to make comments that are unintentionally funny. Haha! I love documenting your classic #Timmyisms. You make us laugh so hard! There are no dull moments with you, sweetheart! Whether it’s randomly saying something, sending hilarious text messages or answering our homeschool activities, you have your way of making us laugh in the most unexpected moments. You also have a knack for snapping me out of my drama with your funny quips. Haha! I really appreciate that about you. c”,)

You are still a sweetheart.

Your “whiteboard” letters make my heart melt every time. And you have an uncanny way of timing those messages perfectly. You give them to me when I need some encouragement or when I’m drowning in “mommy guilt.” Thank you for being sweet, thoughtful, and loving even when mommy is annoying and unreasonable. I know sometimes I’m hard to understand and I’m sorry for that. Thank you for being sweet and patient even when I’m in a bad mood. You show me the Lord’s unending grace and mercy. c”,)

You graduated from kindergarten!

Kindergarten went by so fast, Timmy! One day we were just starting and before I knew it we were on our way to your graduation picture taking! I must admit, it made me emotional. Huhu! You really are growing up too fast. I’m beyond grateful that I can witness your every milestone—big or small—but I couldn’t help but wish sometimes that time would slow down. I would often tell your dad that I would want to put your baby smell in a bottle. You still have it every morning and before you go to bed but it disappears in the middle of the day. Haha!


You entered first grade. 

We are still at it and you are having a blast! c”,) You are very much obsessed with astronomy which is why we opted to do a mastery year of astronomy instead of having a little bit of everything in science. In fact, we are now almost done with your book because you wanted to finish it already. You even read in advance! This is also the reason why you had a space-themed party and destination on your birthday. c”,)


You love poetry reading, narration, writing, and art, of course. c”,) We’ve had changes in our homeschool schedule due to the changes in my work (I know you are well aware that I work from home). You have been a trooper, adapting to those changes without complaint and being ever so forgiving and understanding. Thank you, Timmy. Thank you for being flexible and because of that, you are making things a lot easier for mommy. c”,) I truly praise God for you and your dad. Both of you have been extra patient with me this year.


You also love hanging out with your homeschool friends and we’ve been to pretty awesome places in your field trips! It was your first time to see an ostrich and a camel, feed a lyger, hold a goat, ride a carabao, and more! You’re such an animal lover, sweetheart! Makes me wonder if you will be a veterinarian someday. Well, maybe after you become an astronaut and an NBA player. Haha! The world is your oyster, Timmy. It is my prayer that you will pursue whatever it is that the Lord has planned for you. c”,)


You attended your first basketball clinic. 

Basketball is one of your passions so this summer we enrolled you in a free basketball clinic. c”,) Since we were just testing the waters, we didn’t want to get you on a full paid course just yet. Being the spirited boy that you are, our fear was you would just run around and shoot on your own. Much to our surprise, you followed your coaches! Sure you adjusted during the first day but the succeeding days became much easier because you were practicing the drills at home. Haha!


You met your cousins for the first time.

We have a pretty small family. You only have two first cousins and they both live in Canada. Since you were born, you haven’t met any of them. They came over last May and you enjoyed spending time with your Kuya Cody, Ate Chloe, Tita Thess, and Tito Richie. c”,) I was so happy you were able to meet them! You got to play basketball and other games with them. Up to now, you still tell us that you miss them. How I wish you can be with them often. Let’s keep praying that they visit again or we get to visit them someday!

You learned ice skating on your own.

You surprised us when you showed us that you knew how to balance yourself on the ice skating rink! It happened during the birthday of one of your homeschool friends. c”,) I tried it but as soon as I stepped on the rink, I knew I wouldn’t even last one minute. Haha! I actually asked your dad to bail me out. He was much better at it anyway. The whole time you were using the bear support that you push when you skate but when we were about to go home you showed us that you could skate on your own! I even asked you to do it again. It was so thrilling to see!

You had your first dog. 

You have always wanted a dog but we didn’t know if it would worsen your asthma. Later on, we found out that your trigger was smoke. We eventually exposed you to dogs and this year you’ve been asking us for one. You almost took home the shih tzu you saw at Bio-research! Haha!

Since your seventh birthday was coming up, we figured that giving you a puppy would be the best gift. c”,) You gave your furball the name Angus from your Five In A Row book Angus Lost. You love Angus with the purest kind of love and it is such a delight to see. You feed him, brush his teeth, clean his pee and poop, play with him, and cuddle him.

It’s true what they say that a pet really teaches responsibility. Not only that, it has taught you empathy and patience. It is such a joy to see you care for your pet so lovingly. Oh, and you boys fight, too! You get annoyed when he tries to bite your slippers and he gets annoyed when you carry him too much. Hahaha! You do the things that brothers do. Over the past five months, I think you have become real siblings and best buddies! It excites me to see how your relationship will evolve in the coming years. c”,)


You first experienced the death of a loved one. 

This year, we lost two people in our family, your great-grandmother (Lola Mommy) and grand aunt (Mama Olive). You even saw Lola Mommy’s body on her bed before she was taken to the funeral home. Since then, you’ve been asking us where Lola Mommy and Mama Olive are. We told you that they are in Heaven with their Savior Jesus. You have been wondering what they’re probably doing in Heaven. Your childlike faith amazes us. You would often imagine what it would be like to be with Jesus and what you could do with Him!

You may not know it but you have been reminding us how to have an eternal perspective—something we tend to forget as we go about our busy adult lives. Thank you, Timmy. You’re right. Being with Jesus is the best thing and we should really look forward to it. c”,) Up to now, you still say that you miss Lola Mommy. I miss her, too, sweetheart. But don’t worry, we’ll all be together someday with Jesus. And yes, you can ask Him to take you to the faraway galaxies you want to see. c”,)

Happy 7th birthday again, darling. This is the seventh time you have traveled around the sun. It has been a wonderful year with lots of beautiful experiences. I love you so much. What a privilege it is to be your mom. We are always grateful for you. Your life is a testament to the Lord’s goodness, grace, and faithfulness. Enjoy being seven, my love! You only pass this way once so relish every minute of it. Thank you, too, for allowing me to become a child once again when I play with you, tickle you, read to you, and just hang out with you. c”,)

I know you will discover and learn more things this coming year. I look forward to seeing your eyes widen in awe and hearing your voice squeal in delight. c”,) Know that mommy and daddy will always be here for you. We will support you in everything you do, pray for you, and raise you the way the Lord commands us to in His Word.

Take flight, my little astronomer MVP. Keep reaching for the stars and shining for Jesus. c”,)

Much love,




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