3 Reasons Why The Philippine Homeschool Convention is Worth the Trip

My husband and I have been attending the Philippine Homeschool Convention (PHC) since 2015. This year will be our fifth year of learning and equipping together! Yay!

Organized yearly by Educating for Life, I love the convention’s theme “No Place Like Home” because it fully captures what every homeschool family’s mission, vision, and values are. In that one statement, you can list the reasons why homeschool is not only a viable path for your family but also a worthwhile one. 🙂


The PHC is happening this Saturday! And I want to send out one last invitation to all of you moms and dads who are considering homeschooling or are currently homeschooling. The PHC is worth your time and trip. Here are 3 main reasons why.

Extensive learning

We all follow our momspirations and homeschool heroes on social media. Imagine multiplying the snippets you see on their Facebook and Instagram feed and compiling them into one meaty 45-minute to 1-hour session. You can learn soooo much more!

Sure you can chat with them and send them DMs to ask questions but they won’t always be available to answer. This is why catching them all in one convention is the perfect place to meet them and learn from them. Be a sponge and absorb everything, mommas!

Valuable connections

The PHC is the ultimate gathering of all things homeschool. From experts to influencers, vendors, homeschool providers, and families, it is the venue where you can make connections with your homeschool tribe! This is your village in action!

I mentioned in my Facebook Live last month that for new homeschoolers, it is the best time to see and talk to homeschool providers in the Philippines because most of them are there! You will get to meet curriculum creators as well at the Expo. Plus, it’s the perfect time to meet up with your homeschool mom friends! So connect, connect, connect! 🙂

Encouragement and inspiration

Aside from the tips you will get from seasoned homeschoolers, you will also receive a lot of encouragement from their own stories. Their life experiences are a reservoir of inspiration. I consider the PHC as my yearly dose of homeschool adrenaline to get me through another school year refreshed, recharged, and refocused!

Seeing homeschoolers in action is also very encouraging! From the teens in the reception to the hosts and performers (and speakers!), you will see how homeschoolers thrive. They turn out just fine, moms! That’s why I also encourage you to bring relatives who are wary about homeschooling! It will be great for them to see that you have a big, strong village involving the Homeschool Association of the Philippines (HAPI), Educating for Life (EFL), Philippine Homeschoolers Association, homeschool Facebook groups, homeschool providers, and thousands of homeschooling families supporting you on this journey.

Hope to see you this Saturday, September 7 at the Philippine Homeschool Convention at the SMX, SM Aura Taguig. You can register at Educating for Life or at the venue. Walk-in registrants are welcome! SEE YOU THERE! 🙂

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